A Guide on How to Practice Mindfulness

In this day that we are living, many people are undergoing a lot of life frustrations leading to stress and anxiety among other mind bothering conditions. As the number of people being bothered by stress, anxiety, and frustrations in life is on the rise, most of these victims of these conditions are going for natural approaches to reduce and manage these conditions by practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness can be described as a mental practice in which you become in full control of your behaviors, actions, and even thoughts when interacting with the outside world not forgetting your relationships. In this article is a description of what you need to know when practicing mindfulness.

Meditation is an approach that you can follow to realize your thoughts and feelings. Meditation is an approach where you tend to give your focus on a particular thought or activity to understand it better, this can be described as gaining self-awareness on the subject or thought to get full control of the situation. In meditating, your breathing is adjusted to a lower tone, which also has an effect on your nervous system and also lowers your blood pressure, this means that any form of mental worry that is bothering you is brought down.

In mindfulness, journaling is essential because it allows you to note down your thoughts as they come up. A practice of noting down your thoughts and feelings whenever they occur is an approach used to make your thoughts safe and also express them in a better way. At the end of the day, sit down with a pen and your notebook and write down the challenges you went through during the day, what brought you joy and how you felt during the day.

Acceptance is a way of pursuing mindfulness. In life you need to learn and accept the outcomes that it serves you, whether it is sadness, confusion, joy or other feelings, accepting it is the first step of handling it. Some life experiences are not sweet to endure but again they are key in making you understand yourself and the situation that you could be in. Mindfulness will teach you how to accept all feelings and thoughts without meditating on each of them.

Finally consider mixing up your practices. Most people find it ideal when they go out on a vacation rather than being in their normal life, this is because they are given a break from their normal activities either work or other responsibilities. Howevr, in mindfulness you don’t need to take a vacation, you just got to change how you do things, introduce new activities in your daily routines, this will keep you actively engaged in your activities and not just thoughts.

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