Our company provides services such as the establishment of limited liability companies, joint-stock companies and European companies. In addition to the creation we are dedicated to ready-made companies, which are ready-to-buy companies for a fast transfer, which lasts twenty-four hours. Ready-made companies we offer both pro S.R.O. and for A.S. as well as for SE. Contact us for Ltd for sale.
Offered Ltd. for sale have, already prepared free-to-play activity and a preset seat in Prague, Brno or Ostrava. If you are interested, you can continue to use Virtual headquarters, where a contract for the provision of virtual headquarters services arises between us. However, it is not a problem to relocate to your chosen address.
Custom company Right now
Do not hesitate to implement your plans in the form of a new company right now. We translate Ready-made companies into an unbelievable twenty-four hours, so you can do business tomorrow. Just visit the LTD section for sale.